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Digging Deeper into the Causes of ADD

We all know that ADD or attention deficit disorder is a common disease in young children and it can also affect adults. However, to treat this disease, we must first understand it. We need to delve deeper into the minds of ADD patients, and find out what makes them so.

First of all, recent observations shed light on the theory that makes it more likely that more than 70% of children with ADD have one or both parents with the disease. This is interesting because bad parenting can now be overlooked as a reason why many children end up with hyperactive attention deficit deficits.

Talking about bad parenting, to some extent, problems at home with parents of children can be considered as a distraction for children with ADD. Where good parenting can help calm the child. Keep in mind though, parenting is not the cause of the disease, it can help in healing or it can make things more difficult.

Moving on, another cause for ADD is diet. The record of ADD patients gives ample evidence that a poor diet, lacking some of the major nutrients such as zinc and amino acids, can actually cause ADD. This is without a doubt the pure logic that these two elements are essential for proper brain and body function. Recent studies on ADD sufferers show a marked improvement in the amount of nutrients lost from previous meals.

Another common cause of ADD is to expose children to excessive television and video games. Doctors have associated it with poor parents. It is practical that children who are exposed to television as young children are blinded by ADD. Symptoms only start at the age of seven when children are unable to concentrate in school. The reason behind this finding is that TV and video games are moving at a faster rate than real life. This strengthens the baby's brain to think that real life unfolds at the same rate, and this becomes normal.

Television causes the baby's brain to become inflamed causing permanent changes in nerve pattern. It is a fact that from birth to age three, babies are conditioned in a very unique way, but when you allow children to watch TV all day long, their neural pathways are not very important to the brain. Again this happens between birth and age three. Television promotes the development of the neural pathways of children and ends with defects such as ADD.

Because you can see the root of ADD comes from a number of reasons and although descent is the main cause, it cannot be ruled out as the main one. All of the sources of ADD development mentioned above play a role in the level of anxiety of the people involved.


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