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Dangerous Facts About Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance improvement, as the name implies, is a common remedy that can be taken to improve one's performance. These medicines are basically steroids taken by professional athletes and sportsmen. Also, some other hormone medications, including human growth hormone stimulants may also be considered performance enhancing drugs.

This supplement was first used by the Greeks in the past and was swallowed up by sports event participants. But these drugs have been recognized as a threat and since the 20th century, certain technologies have been developed for regular testing and examination of athletes to find the presence of these drugs in their bloodstream. This increase has been banned ever since.

The addition of performance-phrase drugs, only used to refer to specific anabolic steroids or their predecessors in general, but the world of anti-doping organizations has a broader explanation for these drugs. These typical add-ons have different classes -

Stimulation: These drugs are used by athletes to improve their performance in certain areas and also stimulate their body to perform best. Stimulants can also help in raising awareness, alertness and aggression and reducing fatigue. Among the most commonly used stimulants are Amphetamines and Caffeine.

Lean Mass Builders: These common performance improvements are used to strengthen or stimulate the growth and development of lean body mass and muscle. It can also help in reducing body fat. These include the category of anabolic steroids and commonly used are beta-2 agonists and some other human hormones, such as human growth hormones.

Sedatives: These improvements are also used by athletes involved in sports such as archery that require stable hands as well as proper purpose. Sedatives help in dealing with anxiety and depression. Marijuana, Beta Blockers and alcohol are some common examples.

Painkillers: These drugs are very common and are used regularly by regular masses as well. Athletes prefer to use these drugs to cover their pain in order to maintain their performance and ability to compete in a disadvantage. These medications allow the blood pressure to rise, thus providing the body with the necessary amount of oxygen for pain. Painkillers can be purchased over the counter and include drugs such as NSAIDS (acetaminophen and ibuprofen) as well as certain prescribed drugs.

Masking Medicines: These are rare medicines and are taken to prevent other class drugs from being detected. These drugs can change very quickly with almost the same test method. Epitestosterone is a well-known manufacturing drug.

Diuretics: These drugs are used to extract water from the athlete's body. Wrestlers have been using this drug for a long time to meet weight restrictions. Some stimulants are believed to have secondary diuretic effects.

Improved performance is usually taken as an oral pill, although some injections may also be injected intravenously.

With improved technology and developmental skills, drug discovery enhances performance in the bloodstream of athletes. But preventive measures are still being taken and hopefully the World Anti-Doping Agency will be able to resolve the issue.


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