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Burn Lower Stomach Fat Fast - 3 Tips to Melt Stomach Fat

Imagine having a belly that exposes every piece of muscle. It's possible when you learn how to burn lower abdominal fat.

Let me explain something that most people don't like to disclose, but it will help you speed up your fat loss.

You need to not only shed lower abdominal fat, but you need to change your entire body composition. Removing the fat in your middle starts with the whole body transformation. You have to eat right and exercise properly and the benefits you want to achieve.

Now let's focus on how to burn lower belly fat.

There are three exercises that will help tone and tighten your abdominal muscles.

  1. Training ball crunches work great when you do it right. Sit on the ball with your arms around your chest. Now use your lower abs to push your chest to your knees. Contract them and press them for a second and then release them.

  2. Leg pull ups really target your lower abs. Sit at the end of the bench upright over your body and your hands below you. Allow your feet to bend at your knees when you start. Now lift your legs parallel to the bench by squeezing your abs together and resting them back to their normal position.

  3. Putting on the pull is another phenomenal exercise. Grab the pull up bar and lift your legs up with low ab muscles and focus on them to pull your feet up.

These three movements will help burn lower abdominal fat. Add in some cardiovascular and healthy nutrition plans and your body will need just a few more weeks.


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