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Breastfeeding Diet Tips For New Mums

For new moms, it is a great feeling to be able to provide the best for their baby. And this is especially true when breastfeeding. As you know, when you breastfeed your baby, the quality of milk that comes out depends on the type of food you eat. And so, proper nutrition should always be one of the priorities.

As you breastfeed, your body will work hard to produce milk for your body, so it will take from the food you take. Eating quality foods and snacks can help ensure that you produce breast milk with all the nutritional benefits you Baby needs to grow healthy and strong. Here are some tips for a healthy breastfeeding diet new moms need to know:

  • Eat a variety of food options. Don't just finish one type of food even if it is very nutritious. You should always strive to eat foods that contain all the nutrients and fuel needed to stay healthy and nourish your baby. Try to eat different foods every day so you can get a variety of vitamins and minerals.

  • Determine how many calories you need. Most moms are so concerned about the amount of calories they eat. If you breastfeed, it needs 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day. It depends on how often you breastfeed your baby. Observe the hunger you feel and use it as a guide to determine how much you need to eat.

  • Exercise regularly while eating the right type of food. By incorporating healthy foods and doing simple workouts, you can lose about one pound per week, and this will not affect your milk supply or milk quality for your baby. With no hurry to lose weight and prioritize your baby's and your own health, you can expect to return to your pre-pregnancy weight in about one year and you will still look happy and healthy at the top of the tank and breastfeeding pants. Remember that breastfeeding is also an effective way to lose weight and regenerate after gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy.

Learn what foods and drinks to avoid. When breastfeeding, limit your intake or consumption of fish as they are known to have high mercury content. For caffeinated beverages, limit your intake to two or three cups a day. Avoid alcoholic beverages while breastfeeding and never smoke. This is one of the most important things to remember for effective and healthy breastfeeding.


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