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Bodyweight Exercises for Abs & Weight Loss

What exercises can you do that are not done on the floor?

This exercise is called Mountain Climber. Now you will quickly see that this is not a traditional bodybuilding exercise. You do not lie on the floor and the complexity or sitting around isolates one muscle group. It's always been the downfall of the bodybuilding approach.

On the other hand, Mountain Climber is a comprehensive, efficient and effective body training that helps you get more body decisions in less time.

Stay in a pushup position, at the top, and slowly bring one knee to your chest. Put it back to the starting position, and alternate sides. Do not turn back or let your hips move. Make sure your abs are supported.

There are many others, who are often overlooked in bodybuilding exercises including chin-ups and push-ups. That's right, the chin-up can give you a 6 pack pack.

I once trained a woman who never did chinups (in fact it is a shame that more coaches do not train women to be stronger and gain weight training).

Regardless, after her first training for a modified chin (she could only do a lowering portion of the exercise, also known as "eccentrics" gym), she appeared in the next session admiring the pain of her abs just from doing chin-ups. The year of work has never been so much muscle as 3 modified chin-ups. And during her training, she continued to wonder how hard she worked during this upper body workout.

In fact, any effective and effective compounding exercise will work with your abs. Therefore, you do not have to lie on the floor and get up hundreds of crunches to get a belly wash. Heck, that doesn't work at all.

The 3 keys for abs are:

1) Fat loss through dietary fat

2) Lose fat through interval training

3) Ab strength through efficient and effective training


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