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Body Contouring Procedures - Tummy Tuck, Body Lifting And Liposuction

  • Lifting the Body

These surgeries work with various areas such as the breast, stomach, buttocks and thighs under one session, essentially eliminating excess skin, muscle tightening and fat reduction with liposuction. The areas include the breasts, hips, hips, upper and lower abdomens, buttocks and thighs, to achieve a smooth, tight, curved body contour.

The idea is to remove excess hangers and rejuvenate the underlying muscles by nourishing them to tighten and spread various areas of the upper and middle parts with sluggish or curved features that may be the result of aging or mass weight loss.

The procedure can be a body lift, or a lower body lift module that changes according to the selected area, while the body lift includes the breast, abdomen and buttocks, the lower body lift focuses on the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

  • Tummy Tuck

The abdominal tuck focuses on the abdomen alone, in contrast to the low body lift that does not include the back or thighs, or the ribs. In abdominal tummy procedures, slices are made on the lower abdomen from one hip and to the other and around the belly button to open the flap above the fascia. Hanging skins are cut short and the underlying muscles are tightened with interlaying stitches using permanent absorbable stitches. Abdominal button re-created.

  • Lipectomy Belt

This is a surgical plan that covers the hip area, including the stomach, abdomen, and thighs. The incision runs along the abdomen and around the waist in a single scar. Liposuction is a basic procedure used for this purpose along with skin exfoliation.

  • Review Procedures

Tuck belly review is often considered a necessity when surgeons consider it an advanced session to achieve the perfect result. Tuck belly check or lift is often offered free of charge in addition to the cost of major surgery by many clinics or surgeons, which is considered a surgical procedure of touch or something.

But more rarely than ever, if the patient seems dissatisfied with their decision even if the surgery has done what was promised, then the abdominal movement will not be free, it will most likely cost almost the same as the previous surgery.

Cost issues, especially in terms of the best review procedures, are raised at the initial consultation before the surgery or the decision is made on its own. Speak in-depth with your surgeon about possible risks and complications related to surgery, and how surgical revision is performed.


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