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Best Weight Loss Pills & George

I have a friend named George.

A few months ago I talked to him on the phone. She just came from a doctor. The doctor said his cholesterol was too high. The doctor also told her that her blood sugar was rising and that she might have diabetes.

By the way, did I mention that George is overweight. Not obese, mind you, but definitely overweight. Weight is too heavy to be a health problem.

Needless to say, George was worried. In fact, worry is a very light word. George is scared. At this point George still does not know what he will do about the matter.

Two months passed. I'm talking to my friend George again. She is happy. She just got the results from a recent visit to a doctor.

Cholesterol is normal. Her blood sugar is normal. She lost 24 pounds.

Wait, there's more. George feels great. He has more energy. His mind is getting better. Always a great anxiety, he now has a new perspective on life. He also gets jobs and projects accomplished that he usually thinks he doesn't have time for.

So how did George manage to solve all this? How did he lower his cholesterol and blood sugar? In short, how did George get this new lease on life?

Here are 3 steps George took that changed his health and life completely:

George changed his diet. He cut the red meat completely. She stopped eating sugar. He completely eliminated waste and fast food from his diet.

She started eating more vegetables and fresh fruits.

She stopped eating between meals. She no longer eats before bed.

2 / George starts walking every day. At first it was only 20 minutes. She keeps it and keeps adding time until she runs 1 hour daily.

3 / George started taking all natural weight loss supplements. She takes 1 capsule half an hour before meals, 3 times a day.


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