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Benefits of Strength Training As You Age

Regular strength training has more benefits than healthy muscle mass.

Two other important benefits are preventing osteoporosis and heart disease.

You can reduce the risk of heart disease (as well as other chronic diseases) by maintaining low inflammation, and reducing visceral fat is a key component of this equation.

Stomach fat that forms in your stomach makes it look like "beer belly" is deep fat. It surrounds your heart, your liver, and your muscles. Exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease due to its ability to reduce inflammation throughout your body, and is the most effective weapon against fat-burning.

How did he do it?

You burn more calories the more muscles you have because they consume calories throughout the day even when you are resting or sleeping. Therefore, if you build more muscle, you naturally increase the amount of calories your body uses daily, thus reducing fat.

As for inflammation, exercise naturally lowers CRP (C-reactive protein), which is an indicator of inflammation.

Higher levels of CRP put your body at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and it is recommended to be a better predictor of future heart attacks than cholesterol.

How to Reduce Osteoporosis with Strength training

Weight training has been proven effective in combating osteoporosis.

One thing we should not do is take pills or drugs to increase bone density, as more often than not drugs cause more long-term harm than good.

The bones are shocking and soft, but as we grow older they become less dense; become more fragile, and more so when we are inactive.

Resistance training counteracts this effect as it puts more strain on the muscles to increase the pressure on the bone, which responds to continuous improvement and creates new bones. This reduces your chances of developing osteoporosis.


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