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Bee Pollen and Blood Pressure

We know that there are many health benefits that we get from daily pollen supplements. This type of pollen has always been very popular even in ancient times. This is one of the reasons why we find so many writings in the Bible, Quran, Hindu books, Mormon books, and some ancient civilization writings in Greece, China, Rome, and Egypt.

In modern times, much research has been done to find out more about this particular pollen. Through this, researchers have found a link between bee pollen and blood pressure.

Everyone has and needs blood pressure because blood cannot circulate all over the body without it. Without blood circulation, our vital organs will not get the oxygen and food they need. When the heart is beating, it pumps blood into the artery and creates pressure on it. If you are healthy, your arteries are muscular and elastic. They stretch when your heart pumps blood through them. Blood pressure is the result of two forces. The first force is created as a blood pump into the artery and through the blood circulatory system. The second one is created as an artery against blood flow.

It is very important for us to maintain normal pressures within less than 120 mm of Hg systolic pressure and less than 80 mm of Hg diastolic pressure. If your pressure drops between 120 and 139 mm Hg of systolic pressure and 80 to 89 diastolic pressure, then you are on the brink of Prehypertension. High pressure or high blood pressure exceeds this reading of blood pressure and directly increases the risk of heart disease and coronary stroke that can lead to heart attack.

Who can be affected by this?

Hypertension can occur in everyone, even in children. However, it is more commonly seen in people over the age of 35. One has increased the risk of hypertension when they are obese, heavy drinkers, and women taking birth control pills. People with diabetes mellitus, gout or kidney disease may also have this.

Low pressure or hypertension, on the other hand, is below the normal range. When blood flow is too low to deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and kidneys, the organs do not function normally and can be permanently damaged. Blood pressure tends to be lower if blood is less pumped to the artery.

Now that we know a lot about stress and the consequences of falling below or jumping above the normal range, let's find a natural way to overcome it.

How can we link bee pollen and blood pressure together?

It's easy. The health benefits of bees can counteract blood pressure as they normalize every system in our body.

The pollen is known to increase the oxygen carrying red blood cells or hemoglobin in the body. One of the main causes of low blood pressure is the smaller blood pumped into the artery. When someone inhales the pollen, they significantly raise their blood to normal levels.

Money from bees is also known to rejuvenate the vital organs and glands in our system, such as the kidneys, and promote weight loss for obese people. As stated, it normalizes every aspect of our body including blood sugar levels, the cause of diabetes, and even uric acid, one of the main causes of gout.

Our arteries and veins are also healthy, which means they maintain their muscular and elastic properties. With all these health benefits, high blood pressure or high blood pressure is no longer a problem for us.


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