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Bacterial Vaginosis - Is There a Way to Rid Yourself of This Embarrassing Infection For Good?

Bacterial vaginosis, sometimes called vaginitis or simply BV, is a very common infection that affects many women. In fact, most women will develop this condition at least once in their life. Because BV symptoms mimic other feminine infections so closely, many women are unaware that they may have BV. You may think you have a yeast infection or a simple bladder, but in fact you may have a bacterial infection. Itching, burning, stinking, or yellowish discharge are symptoms that come with BV, but the same symptoms may occur with many other vaginal infections.

So you schedule a visit to your doctor or gynecologist who thinks of bladder or yeast infections. Many women even try over the counter medications to cure their "problems". After all it's a bit embarrassing to describe your symptoms, especially the stinky smell you've noticed lately. All these medicines can be very expensive, let alone the cost of a doctor's visit if you choose that option. However, you are very relieved when your symptoms disappear. You feel refreshed, and don't have to worry about being intimate with your partner because of this problem. Or have the need to suddenly itch at the worst of times, usually in public, of course.

Some women may never face this problem again, they are the lucky ones. Because for most women, BV can be a chronic, recurrent problem. They were shocked when two months later their symptoms returned with a vengeance. So back to their doctor they will go for more antibiotics. It then becomes a cycle that never seems to end. Some may try different creams, or other products, which may reduce the severity of the symptoms, but never cure the condition.

This situation is beginning to affect your life. You may have problems with intimacy, low self-esteem, and a lot of frustration. For example, I like to hang out in the pool with my friends, but I'm too shy to wear a swimsuit. For the time being, I think I'll have to worry about this problem for the rest of my life. I was at my doctor's office at least once every three months for the same thing, for a little over a year. Each time I was given a stronger antibiotic, and my gynecologist told me there was nothing he could do for me. Needless to say I was pretty bored at this point. And the amount of money this situation cost me is ridiculous.

I decided one day is enough, I will find a way to get rid of BV for good. I started researching the web for the causes of these annoying infections, and I was surprised by what I learned. What surprised me most, was the effect of antibiotics on us women. Antibiotics can actually cause vaginal infections, which is shocking. No wonder the BV kept coming, the bacteria was resistant to all the antibiotics I had prescribed. I was also surprised to learn that your diet can also cause this infection. There are many bacteria that are naturally present in the vagina. Some bacteria are good, and some are not. Problems occur when bad bacteria begin to multiply and take over. This is what causes bacterial vaginosis. That's when you start to have a good sense of smell, burning, and itching. The key to staying healthy is to keep these bacteria from spreading.

There are ways to do this naturally, without tons of antibiotics. This is what causes superbugs, and degrades your immune system. It is unfortunate that many women do not realize that they are doing great harm to their bodies with the treatment recommended by their doctors. I am now a BV free, and for a year now, I haven't had an infection since I learned this. My hope is that women suffering from recurrent BV will find that there are better, safer, and cheaper ways to get rid of BV for good. I learned all this from a website I found dedicated to educating women on natural remedies, and prevention. There is some very good information here, and it serves me a living proof.


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