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Bacterial Vaginitis - Aka Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a common infection in most women. Most of the time it's unnoticed, and we don't get any severe symptoms, so no action is needed. But for some women, the complications can be quite bland.

Another common name for Bacterial Vaginitis is Bacterial Vaginosis; and it can usually be confused with yeast infection. After being treated by a doctor for BV, you may be able to control yeast infections. Awesome; one infection disappeared, another back.

Imagine that you and your lover are back home from a romantic date. You'll get intimate for the first time in your relationship, but something's wrong. Your girlfriend says that it's a "fishy smell" from your vagina, and you immediately run to the bathroom. This has happened to me on more than one occasion and I cannot tell you enough how embarrassed I am.

Currently, bacterial vaginitis has 4 different symptoms. Burning or itching, sweet smells, thinning of the milk and sometimes pain can occur. These symptoms increase during sexual intercourse. Also, BM can weaken latex contraceptives, such as condoms or diaphragms.

Little is known about how we treat bacterial vaginitis, but what we do know is what happens when an outbreak occurs. Bad bacteria, such as Gardenella, have large growths, while good bacteria, lactobacilli, decrease in number. This usually happens because something is balancing the environment in your vagina. These can be fluctuations in your vagina's pH level (acidity), introducing harmful chemicals or detergents near the vaginal area, or changes in your diet or exercise. Literally any small change can affect the health of your vagina and body, so it's important to understand how things can affect you before trying new habits (ie diet, clothing, detergents, soaps, exercise, etc.).

Treatment options include:

More than a counter medication - There is nothing certain about the counter for bacterial vaginosis. There are many medicines that cure the symptoms, but not the cause or the bacterial vaginitis itself.

Prescription - Many women find that side effects are not worth the prescription drugs. Yeast infection can occur after treatment. Also, approximately 45% of women treated for BV have relapsed within a month.

Natural Medicines - I prefer this method over any of the bacterial vaginitis treatment options. Healthy, and is a path that can offer regular treatment.


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