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Avoid Commonly Made Mistakes In Portion Sizes

You might make this mistake in portion size while maintaining a food diary. It is important to read the food labels before assuming that a certain amount makes one meal or has many calories. Take the example of cereals, have you ever measured the amount of cereals you eat? For some cereals, one cup for others is 3/4 cup. Most people just tip the cereal box and pour the cereal into a bowl they never measure. Some people go away for a while. Therefore, you can actually eat 3-4 servings instead of the recommended daily meal.

Lean chicken with skin or fat is a healthy choice. But what is the optimal meal size for adults? It's 3-4 ounces. This is about the size of the card deck. Depending on your seller preferences the size of the chicken varies dramatically. Some chicken breast sizes are recommended 2-3 sizes. So make sure you follow the guidelines set by the FDA. Yes, lean protein is good for you. However, unless you follow the diet of your bodybuilder or athlete there is not much of this healthy protein. Follow dietary advice for adults of your size and weight and you will do well.

Hamburgers serve very large restatements. You can't count this as a hamburger. The recommended size of beef is 3 ounces. Quarter pound at 4 ounces. But some burgers serve larger and may contain half a pound of meat in it. So you can't say that you have one meal of beef. It's probably 2-3 servings. So keep a watch on the portion size if you are interested in tracking your diet.

Coffee cream is one of the biggest causes when it comes to fat usage. Even fat-free versions are not calories-free. If you take 3-4 cups of coffee daily, you can easily exceed your recommended daily fat intake because no one actually spends one tablespoon when measuring the cream. The recommended dose is one teaspoon of cream. If you take 4 cups of latte, you actually take 4 tablespoons or more of the offending cream. That is if you take the critical measures seriously. Otherwise you may take more and not realize it.

Above is not the only food we make by mistake. Bread, fruits, salad dressings and rice are also unknown and we eat too much.


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