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Are You an Ectomorph? Here's How to Eat and Exercise to Look and Feel Your Best

Are you an ectomorph? Here's how. If you tend to be thin, have chest tightness, longevity and find it difficult to put on weight, you are an ectomorph, or a hard builder.

While female ectomorphs tend to be envious of your ability to eat anything and everything without getting fat, male ectomorphs tend to be frustrated by being thin.

While you can eat "whatever you like" it is wise for you to make sure that you eat only what is really good for you, not the fatty, salty, sweet snacks around you.

For you, daily meal planning is more critical than any other body type (muscle mesomorph and glowing endomorph).

You have to weed all day. No more than 2-3 hours of food or snacks. Foods and snacks must contain many complex proteins and carbohydrates.

While you can "escape by" mocking deep fried foods, why not? Everything you eat should be the best nutritional value to utilize your highly metabolic body and put some lean meat on your wrinkled bones.

High carbohydrate diets are a good choice for a healthier diet.

When it comes to exercise, cardio can severely damage your body shape. Although ectomorphs make great marathon athletes generally hard traders do not want to look too thin.

To complete your form with some lean muscle or mass you need to focus on heavy endurance exercises with plenty of rest between your training sessions.

Be informed about diet and exercise for ectomorphic body shape. You can be very disappointed with the "one size fits all" program that doesn't fit your needs.

If you can plan your meals and snacks, never get hungry and undergo serious resistance training, you will gain more body and feel better in and around yourself.


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