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Apple Poly - Lose Weight

Not another weight loss pill! I have always been suspicious of health supplements claiming to help lose weight ... probably because so many weight loss pills aren't good for our health!

However, when I learned about Apple Poly everything changed.

A friend first told me about a "magic pill" that had just hit the market that showed incredible promise for degenerative disease, but also showed incredible evidence in the field of anti-aging.

So not only does it fight the devastation of old age-related illnesses but it does fight its own old age!

Researchers at the University of Washington have increased the lifespan of mice by 18.5%, by genetic engineering on the expression of catalase enzymes.


As I look further, I find that Apple Poly actually reduces fat by taking acid pressure from the organs that cause them to form and maintain fat in the first place.

I meet:

  • Japanese researchers reported in October 2004 that apple polyphenol extract reduced organ fat by 27% and increased muscle strength by 16% in three weeks in laboratory animals.

  • Testing is currently underway at the Nippon University of Science in Japan to confirm these effects on humans. For the latest news and medical studies on apple polyphenols, sign up for the free AP Science bulletin.

  • In a Brazilian study of overweight women, those who ate apples and pears showed a significant decrease in weight.

  • New research published in the medical journal Diabetes shows that apple polyphenol extracts significantly reduce body fat in mice, even with increased food intake.

Since then, I have had my own weight reports and many, friends and family who have tried Apple Poly with similar results.

Apple polyphenols are tested and proven safe in human and animal studies. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-bacterial. They are the single most soluble antioxidant ever found!

In fact, apple polyphenols are the subject of more than a hundred medical studies published from around the world. (Some of these studies are available to you now, at, the research website.)

And in all of these studies, no dangerous doses, or side effects, or complications were found. Apple Poly is a healthy, concentrated weight loss pill made from baby apple skin.


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