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Alternative Cure for Autism

In addition to regular medications and behavioral therapies, natural therapies like Ayurveda can help cure autism, making it a pain that can be easily cured and without side effects.

A neuro-developmental disorder, autism affects people and can appear in the first years of a child's life. Impairment in speech and social activity are some of the common symptoms of autism in children. Various symptoms such as Asperger's Syndrome, Autistic Disorders, Rett Syndrome, Developmental Pervasive Disorders, Children's disintegrative syndrome come under Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The cause of autism is still incomplete, though scientists and doctors consider it environmental and genetic factors. Exposure to environmental toxins during pregnancy can increase the chances of having children with autism. Accidents during fetal brain development also lead to autism. And the cure is in behavioral therapy sessions and therapy workshops. Ayurveda has been trying to find a cure for this disease.

Genetically unrelated diseases can be treated by Ayurvedic practice. Diet modifications, changes in lifestyle and taking Ayurvedic medicine can cure certain diseases.

1. What you eat determines how your body reacts. Diet is the main point of treatment for autistic patients, or for that matter for anyone. Certain foods such as alcohol, meat and processed foods should be strictly avoided. Fresh and green vegetarian food should be digested. Corn, milk and lots of leafy vegetables are a plus point.

2. To treat autism spectrum disorders, detoxifying therapies to clean the metabolic system have been proposed. Some popular ones are Purgatory and Fomentation therapy.

3. Another way of healing is through medicine. Internal medicine and external treatment such as massage have been prescribed for autistic patients.

Another way to cure autism is to treat symptoms of autism. One of the most common symptoms in autism patients is insomnia. Melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep patterns in people can be given orally. Melatonin supplementation when given to autism patients can reduce insomnia. To treat hyperactivity and repetitive behaviors, omega-3-fat supplements can help. Autism patients have certain nutritional deficits that can be corrected by their supplements. Multivitamins can come to the rescue and must be given in moderate doses. Eat a good diet.

Autism in children can be painful to see and must be treated with love and attention. The school of autism educates children with autism and is careful to make it free. Education for autistic children is different from that of normal children. These children need to be treated with patience and love. Communicating in pictures is key. These children respond well to pictures and the concept of stories is a way of educating these children. Thanks to many autism schools in Mumbai, parents have a way of educating their children. Fear of the disease does not prevent their children from moving forward in life.


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