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A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body

We've all heard the famous words "Health is Wealth". Good health is the secret of every happy person. Health can be the greatest wealth in the world. Health is a state in which one becomes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. This shows that your body and mind should function properly.

It can be referred to as dynamic as it is constantly changing. It can change according to our lifestyle and environment. Over the years, the lifestyle has changed for various reasons that have led to neglect of health. It is important for everyone to remain in good condition. Health not only cares about your physical well-being but also your emotional well-being. To be called a healthy person's body, as well as their mind, must work well.

Ingredients for good health are a well-balanced diet, physical activity, adequate sleep and rest.

Benefits of being healthy:

• From childhood to adult play an important role in the development and development of the right mind and body.

• If you maintain a healthy lifestyle then your body is free of all kinds of illnesses and diseases that lead to longer life.

• You tend to look more attractive when you are physically fit.

• Being a healthy person can make you feel more energetic and you can do stressful tasks without pushing yourself.

• Healthy individuals do not shun their tasks because they reach their full potential.

• Because your mind is free from mental stress, you can handle daily work at home, school, work and others with a positive attitude that makes you more interested and increases the output of your work.

• Health has a huge impact on one's overall performance and efficiency. With good health and good mind, you will have better control of your life.


A person who is in good health and good sense is fully enjoying the good things in his life. With a healthy mind, an individual can find the motivation and strength to do his or her job. A strict lifestyle and unhealthy habits can adversely affect one's physical and mental health. Loss of good health can result in loss of happiness in life. To maintain one's health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. The right lifestyle will lead to adequate growth and growth to help maintain mental, physical, social and spiritual health.


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