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5 Tips on Stopping Heavy Perspiration

People who suffer from heavy sweat think their problems are rare, when they are not. The problem I'm referring to is hyperhydrosis, which is when people seem to sweat excessively for no reason. Hyperhydrosis affects about 3% of the world's population. From my experience most doctors do not seem to know about the condition. So this brings me to research on the situation on the Internet, from which I've come up with 5 tips that can help people with severe sweating.

5 Tips to Stop Weight Loss

Change your diet - a person's diet can have a big impact on how much they sweat, and what smells like. You should go out of your way to avoid all spicy foods, products containing caffeine and alcohol. Both products with caffeine and alcohol speed up your metabolism, and make you sweat more. They also make you dry. It's also very important that you eat 4 small meals a day, and in between eating meals - make sure you take 5 days a day! You also need to drink plenty of water a day, in fact water and fruit juice are the only liquids you need to drink.

Clothes - having a sweat patch on your shirt can be very embarrassing. Try to use clothes made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk and wool. This cloth will allow better air flow to your body, so that you are cooler. You can also close your sweat mask daily, wearing a t-shirt whenever possible. And the clothes are light colored so that the sweat patches are less visible.

Antiperspirants - You can take strong antiperspirants in aluminum chloride from your local drugstore. Aluminum chloride actually prevents any sweat. You use the solution at night, then wash it in the morning.

Bathe - it's awful to experience heavy sweat, but when sweat has a bad odor, your problem is 10 times worse. To combat any odor from sweat, you should take a bath twice a day. Make sure your skin is clean.

Relax - dedicate a few minutes to relaxing time. Try some yoga or meditation. You can release all your worries on a daily basis. You need to transfer bad energy. The point of this exercise is to think positively about yourself. It's a law of attraction, if you keep thinking about your sweat problems, you're pulling them. Meditation will allow you to transfer your bad energy, and then think positively about yourself.


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