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4 Natural Tips For BV Treatment

Vaginosis has become a common infection affecting most women at one time or another during their childhood. BV treatment should be especially effective if pregnant women avoid other complications such as pelvic or cervical inflammation. Contrary to popular opinion, this infection can affect other parts of our body such as the bladder and urethra.

In this article I will share some very useful natural remedies in the treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

* After previous bowel movements make sure you always wipe from front to back. This is to prevent naturally occurring erythema bacteria in the rectum from entering the vagina. Even to prevent vaginal infections, it is advisable to clean the vagina with regular water instead of using toilet paper. During BV treatment make sure that your vagina and anal area is clean and dry at all times.

* The most effective natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis is to use diluted apple cider vinegar. You must take two cups of vinegar and mix it in your bath. Soaking in this water for some time will help restore vaginal acid balance and eliminate infections

* Probiotic bacteria found in yogurt is another great drug used in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. In fact, women should take yogurt as part of their daily diet to boost their immune system. Specifically for BV treatment, yogurt works to increase the level of good bacteria present in the vagina and eliminate & # 39; it's bad infections cause bacteria.

* You will enjoy good health and be less prone to bacterial infections if you include foods rich in phytoestrogens in your daily diet. Therefore, include plenty of cereals, celery, nuts and apples as part of your BV treatment diet.


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