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3 Ways to Measure Your Body Fat

In general, there are four common methods for fat measurement. Methods included Home Body Fat Scale, Navy Methods, Hydrostatic Weight and Skinfold Calipers . However, there are only three methods that are widely used.

* Home Body Fat Scales - This device uses the Biometric Impedance method in which a small amount of electrical current passes through the body and then the opposite current is measured. The percentage of body fat is determined when the result is compared to the weight.

However, this test is subject to some margin of error as the impedance in the body may change due to other factors where the current is also generated such as skeletal muscle, physical exercise, and electrical waves in the liver. For more accurate results, starve or at least three hours or avoid physical exercise for 12 hours before testing.

* Hydrostatic weight - Also known as water weight, it is a great way to determine body fat, but provided you have a hydrostatic weight tank. You need to apply the Archimedes Principle; Your body density is measured by the amount of water you paste after immersing yourself in the water. The principle states that the quantity of water is transferred when something submerged in water is relative to the weight of the item. Then your body fat can be calculated based on your body density.

* Skinfold Caliper - An effective method that involves the use of caliper. As the most expensive method of choice, you must learn how to handle it properly before using it. Professional help may be better, otherwise a set of Caliper should be good if you follow the instructions carefully.

Why do you need to measure your body fat?

Being aware of the amount of fat in your body can help you stay focused on your diet goals. It can be a control element in the weight loss process. Taking into account the fat in your body will help you calculate the time you need to reduce the amount of fat and how many calories you need to cut and determine the best diet program to lose weight. Also with body fat you will know your efforts succeed or not.


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