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3 Natural Ways To Stop Sweating. Natural Cure Excessive Sweating

3 Natural Ways to Stop Sweating Natural Healing Excessive Drying

Just think today, Hyperhidrosis affects 5% of the population, and only 40% of people suffer, seeking medical attention to find the right treatment. Hyperhidrosis has become an epidemic!

Antiperspirants are usually the first line of defense against hyperhidrosis. But if you are concerned about your health, you know that most antiperspirants contain toxins.

This permission can prevent you from choosing a hard solution over the counter to find a more natural way to stop sweating. And if you sweat excessively, finding a natural treatment for hyperhidrosis is not an easy task.

The etiology of hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is caused by hyperstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. The encephalon called the hypothalamus is the center of heat regulation, which sends signals to the nerves. There may be excessive sweating under certain conditions, such as when it is very hot, very hot, strong physical activity, high fever or forced labor.



tomato juice on the table

In addition to its benefits against cancer, tomatoes also reduce pores and can reduce chronic sweat through internal temperature regulation. Eat a tomato-rich meal or just drink a glass of tomato juice daily to help control excessive sweating.

If tomatoes are not your thing, try using tomato juice in the armpit (and sweat more) and rest for at least 10 minutes before washing.


Corn starch and sodium bicarbonate are natural agents that absorb water. Because sodium bicarbonate is alkaline, it neutralizes the body odor and acts as a natural deodorant

Many deodorants purchased at the store contain sodium bicarbonate for this reason.

You can make your own powdered deodorant using a two-part mixture of corn flour and three parts baking soda. Apply the mixture directly on the dry skin and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing with water.

As a precaution, leaving the mixture on the skin for too long can cause unpleasant side effects. The first time I tried this solution was baking soda all day, which irritated my skin and dried my armpits. The baking soda also left a burning sensation, so I didn't try this attack again.



Take too much sodium to keep your body hydrated. Potassium-rich foods like potatoes and broccoli reverse this process by expelling water from the body. Because of this effect, potatoes can help soothe sweat by absorbing excess water from the skin.

Rub a piece of potato on your armpits, legs, or hands for a few minutes a day for a drying effect.

Some questions people ask when they have hyperhidrosis:

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How to control excessive sweating throughout the body?

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Do you want to learn how to use natural methods quickly and easily to stop sweating?


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