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100 Conversation Starters for Dates - Break the Ice!

Do you want to know the secret tips for dating success? Aren't you tired of weird conversations and out of things to say? Do you need to get an early date jitters and break the ice? Starting 100 of these conversations will guarantee you a better date. When you know what to say next, you can just relax and get to know your date better when you're both having fun.

The beginning of this conversation has been field tested to make sure you have a better date from now on. So kiss the safest people on the first day and get ready to watch yourself change from the guy who always runs out of things to say as a charming talker. Just remember a few key points, there are more than enough conversation starters here, so if your date doesn't want to answer a difficult question, don't force the problem, move on to other topics. Don't ask questions that you are not prepared to answer yourself, and above all, remember to have fun with this and your phone will explode with a date request!

1. What does your dream vacation entail?
2. What is your favorite thing in your spare time?
3. If you could only hear one song / cd / artist for the rest of your life, which would it be?
4. Have you ever had a clear dream?
5. What's more romantic, the summit of the Eiffel Tower or the moon-drenched tropical island?
6. Have you ever been friends with someone you don't like because it's easy / easy?
7. If you could learn a new language easily, what would you learn?
8. If you could live a day of any celebrity, who would you choose and why?
9. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
10. What did you want to grow up to when you were younger?
11. What will you wear for party 90?
12. Cat or Dog?
13. If you could leave a lasting impression on the world, what would you want?
14. Have you ever bought anything?
15. What was the hardest thing for you and your friends to do?
16. If we were on a road trip right now, what would be your dream destination?
17. How old were you when you first kissed?
18. What would you say is your signature drink?
19. If your best friend shows up at a party wearing the same clothes as you, will you be disappointed?
20. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
21. What is your best concert?
22. Have you ever had a dream where someone close to you did something that bothered you and you woke them up?
23. Have you ever mixed pop and rock as a kid?
24. Would you rather go to an exotic location or sail there?
25. Which country is # 1 on your list to visit?
26. Have you ever met a famous person?
27. Would you rather spend a weekend with Aerosmith or Lady Gaga?
28. What was the most difficult experience you had as a child?
29. If your life was a movie, who would play it?
30. What is one big thing you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?
31. Do you play any musical instruments?
32. Who is the sexier, lead singer or drummer?
33. Have you ever traveled to someone where you could not speak a language and no one spoke English?
34. What do you like about being guilty?
35. Have you ever sabotaged a friend's diet?
36. If you find a wallet full of money lying on the street, do you keep it or try and return it?
37. James Dean or Brad Pitt?
38. Which of your friends is your sex and city character?
39. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
40. Do you know all the words to your national anthem?
41. Why is it that when you dream about being naked in school / work, no one ever offers you some clothes?
42. Would you rather go on a date with Batman or Superman?
43. What's the weirdest thing you've ever been to?
44. What is the worst style you've ever used?
45. Have you ever had a wealth of wealth come true?
46. ​​Do you prefer to spend a week camping or in the spa?
47. What was your favorite cartoon when you were young?
48. Will you meet Mr. T. if you meet him at the bar?
49. What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
50. Do you have an embarrassing song you like to hear?
51. Do you think Marylin Manson / Eminem listens to her own music?
52. Do you think relationships that start online are stronger or weaker because you know their priorities?
53. How long after the relationship ends, is it OK to move on to your former best friend?
54. Would living in the same city as your parents be good or bad?
55. Do you dream of color?
56. Do you have weird hobbies like collecting stamps?
57. Do you have a favorite doll as a child?
58. Do you have a favorite ninja turtle?
59. What is your favorite accent?
60. If you were named the ruler of the whole world, what would you do?
61. What is the scariest movie you saw as a kid?
62. Do you have monsters in the closet or under the bed?
63. What is the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done?
64. If you were on a rock band, what would you play?
65. Who destroyed your first TV?
66. Do you like staying in places that are always hot or always too cold?
67. What is your favorite season?
68. What is the most important trick you've ever seen in someone?
69. Rock climbing or scuba diving?
70. Rock and Roll or Pop?
71. Have you ever thrown a boyfriend for her?
72. What level do you want to be born from?
73. Who is your favorite fictional character?
74. If the cost is not important, what does your ideal home look like?
75. What's cooler, surfing or snowboarding?
76. What historical figure do you want to dance to?
77. Do you like Austin Powers movies?
78. What do you think about tattooing on women?
79. Are you going to a reality TV show?
80. What was your stereotype in high school?
81. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
82. Is smoking still sexy?
83. Skiers or Snowboarders?
84. What is your job / job idea?
85. Which is more romantic, Paris or Venice?
86. Would you rather have one true love or an endless stream of lovers?
87. Have you ever crushed a famous musician?
88. If the world ends tomorrow, what is one thing you need to do today / tonight?
89. Do you think two people can meet and get to know each other?
90. Do you have a reason you are really excited?
91. Do you live on an island?
92. If your dream job is to move across the globe, will you take it?
93. What interests your amusement park?
94. What's the best book you've ever read?
95. Did you visit the ruins of a haunted reputation?
96. Have you ever told a great lie to a close friend?
97. Are you comfortable with a butcher?
98. Would you rather have a private jet or a private boat?
99. Will you go diving with sharks?
100. If you win 10 million dollars in Vegas, what is the first thing you do?


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