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Astral Projection Mantra - Tips For Learning Astral Projection Easily

Did you know you can use a standard spell to set aside the body experience?

The key to getting out of the body's experience is to keep your mind on the fixed point. Use spells like "Om" to help prevent thoughts from entering. People can think of the point they need to allow them to create projects easily. Once the mind is still with the spell. One can use their intention to create an astral project.

Did you know that time of day can affect your chances of having an O.B.E?

Most people try to do projects before bed. The best time to encourage astral projection is in the morning. It's easier in the morning because your body is already in a very relaxed state. One trick I got to work on was to drink some water before going to bed. During the sleep cycle the body will usually wake you 5-7 hours into your sleep cycle to go to the bathroom. When you go back to bed, use the astral projection spell. This will make the O.B.E process easier for you.

Did you know that your diet can affect your ability to experience the body?

I find that my ability to make astral projects more difficult when I consume too much sugar or have artificial sweeteners like Aspartame. I would recommend a diet full of vegetables and fruits if you want to have the best chance to experience a stable body experience. Also, too much caffeine can affect your ability to project too. If you have coffee or tea, please use it in the morning.


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