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Urine Therapy - Urine Used to Treat Diseases

The use of urine as medicine has a long tradition in some societies, especially in the eastern part of the world. Tile is an essential remedy in the Indian ayurvedic healing tradition. Also some natural therapists in western society recommend it as a therapeutic tool.

When it comes from the bladder it is free of microbes, unless the person has a urinary tract infection. It contains water, urea, some types of dissolved salts, some substances with hormone and enzyme effects. The composition of the urine makes the therapeutic effect possible.

However, there is little scientific evidence that this substance is used as a drug. Therefore, the following information is provided without any definitive suggestions or any specific warnings to try this method, except that it should not substitute for other types of therapy for serious disease with documented effects.


There are claims from supporters that this therapy can help almost any chronic disease process and urine can effectively prevent and cure the infection. There is also a strong claim that it can help reverse the signs of aging and help treat diseases caused by degenerative diseases.

The overall sum of these claims may be exaggerated, but they can be concluded in the following way: Urine may help the immune system work more effectively and can stimulate the general mechanism of repair in the body to work better. General effects such as sources will benefit from a variety of health problems.

Because some natural therapists claim that the substance can help fight almost any disease, both trivial and serious, the entire list of urine applications is unlikely to be made in such a short space. Here are some of the uses of concrete listed:

It is a good remedy for cleaning the cavities of the mouth and teeth, may be better than many toothpaste, and it is completely free. These effects are well documented, but some may find it difficult to use urine as a tool for oral hygiene. It is also said to be a good remedy for wounds and infections in the oral cavity.

Some people find that taking urine orally gives them a physical and psychological stimulant that helps them cope with daily struggles at work and at home. Some also find that urine can be sexually stimulating. Morning urine removed before sunrise can have a calming effect on stress and anxiety, which can make meditation and other yoga practices more effective. These effects may be useful in the treatment of nerve problems

Some therapists claim that taking oral fluids gradually cures diabetes or makes the condition less serious. When using therapy for this purpose it is important to carefully measure your blood sugar level and gradually lower your insulin dose if the therapy works, but not before one sees that it works by lowering your blood sugar level.

Drinking urine may help fight problems in the reproductive system, such as PMS, menstrual problems and pregnancy problems. In this case, the husband and wife are advised to drink their own urine.

Oral use of urine can help clean the digestive system from clogged waste and reduce symptoms like constipation, bloating and cramps. Drinking is also said to help prevent kidney function and kidney problems caused by kidney failure, such as edema.

Urine used on the skin may help fight sores, itching, rash and other types of aging. It is also said to be a good remedy for the same problems in the eyes and ears when used on the site or used as a rinse fluid. This substance is also said to be a good antiseptic drug for use on wounds and skin.

Urine used in the body area may help with the pain and neurological disorders in the area. Some claim urine can alleviate or treat severe neurological problems such as paralysis and cerebral palsy when used on large areas of the body and at the same time taken orally.

Urine used in areas of the body caused by arthritis and other rheumatic conditions can reduce pain and stiffness caused by this condition, and may be combined with oral urine taken to provide full relief of joint disease.

When applied to the scalp it is used against hair loss. Old urine is said to be better, and it is often mixed with other ingredients that stimulate hair growth.

Sniffing some urine into the nose or nasal cavity with the urine may help with infections and allergies on the upper respiratory organs and in the head.

Because of the lack of other beverages to drink, one may save yourself from thirst by drinking all the urine itself, but one should start drinking it as soon as a fluid deficiency begins for this advice to work.


Proposed use of urine as a medicine is very different among advocates and therapists, especially regarding doses. Here are some common suggestions:

In most cases, one is advised to use their own urine. Therapists usually recommend using the middle of the urine first to be canceled in the morning, and after washing the genitals. Some prefer to let it sit for a few days in a dark box in a dark place before using it claiming it works this way.

Therapists who recommend urine therapy will often recommend special types of foods to make effective medicine and to prevent unpleasantness and odor from urine. Because many of these therapists work in the Indian yoga tradition, dietary advice can be quite restrictive. These recommendations also seem contradictory because they prohibit certain types of foods that can be therapeutic to the same disease that urine therapy should treat, and adherence to those advice can also cause specific problems caused by nutrient deficits.

What this therapist recommends is a natural diet with little animal food, salt, oil and spices. It may not be healthy for people living an active western lifestyle to follow this advice, but keep in mind that they can guide your diet a little.

Your diet should be natural and you should avoid eating lots of red meat, but most people should eat fish and seafood. Consuming large amounts of oil and fat is not good, but you should have natural oils in your diet. People usually use too much salt, but in hot weather and with hard work, you need a little extra salt. Spices make good food and some types of spices can also stimulate healing. However, you cannot use as many spices as you like.

One way to use urine is to drink it. Oral urine is suggested by health problems in all parts of the body. A drink on an empty stomach to get the best impression. One only takes 5-10 dots twice a day initially. Within a month, one would increase the dose to 2 deciliters (0.84 US cups) twice daily.

When using only small doses, these should be kept temporarily under the tongue before swallowing. With larger doses, you should pump each sip around the mouth before swallowing. Some proponents also advise taking a urine every two weeks and pausing every second week when you use the maximum daily dose.

Another method of use is to massage the urine into skin areas where there is some skin disease, then let it dry and wait for several hours before washing it. One can also apply a pack of wet urine to the skin for several hours. This method is said to be effective in treating most skin problems. If you order a larger area of ​​the body with the substance, you may get the same general benefits as drinking it.

For nasal and upper respiratory problems, one can smell several drops of urine into the nose, or flush the nose with it. This method is said to also affect the whole body in a beneficial way.

For problems in the oral cavity and teeth you can simply pump your mouth with urine and brush your toothbrush with it. This can of course be combined with drinking it.

Urine is not only used to treat the disease, but proponents also recommend using urine as a natural remedy to prevent disease, improve fitness and prevent aging problems. Used in this way the usual daily dose should be less than that used to cure certain diseases, maybe one glass a day.


The side effects of urine therapy are not well investigated, such as therapeutic effects.

Many people will find the substance unpleasant and these sensual or psychological effects may cause nausea and a tendency to discard after taking the dose, but the effects tend to disappear after some time. The effect is more dependent on education and culture where the physical taste and the effects of urine.

People who take high doses daily for some time reports may feel drowsy and tired after some time, but they claim that these side effects will be lost by continuing use. By pausing every second week, it may be avoided.

There are warnings about the use of urinary therapy with pharmaceutical drugs, as the combined effects can cause problems. If you are taking other medications at least be careful when starting urine therapy and give evidence of any side effects symptoms.

Taking more than half a liter daily may interfere with the balance of the electrolysis in the body, as urine contains excess salt that you do not need to absorb. Especially people with heart problems or high blood pressure should be aware of high doses.


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