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Tummy Tuck Questions

Is it stomach tuck?

One of the first questions that is often asked is what is meant by the stomach?

Abdominal tuck, is a surgical or surgical procedure to extract the formation of excess fat deposits and loose skin from the abdominal area allowing the surgeon to tighten the abdominal wall muscle. This surgery is known in the medical field as an abdominoplasty procedure which is now considered a major surgery but despite this fact its popularity has grown and it has become one of the most performed surgeries by plastic surgeons.

Who's the best candidate for stomach tuck?

The ideal candidates for abdominal tuck procedures are men or women who are in good physical or mental condition. In addition, one who has exhausted all other exits such as exercise and diet. There is still an issue of overweight and / or loose sagging skin around the abdomen. Many women who terminate their pregnancy benefit from this procedure with the ability to reduce or remove stretch marks.

What's a mini belly tuck?

Mini abdominal tuck, is a less invasive procedure that requires only one incision as opposed to two incisions required for full abdominal tuck. This procedure is sometimes called partial abdominoplasty. This operation is ideal for people with less fat reserves than candidates for full stomach tuck. Because there is little incision with the recovery of this procedure from mini stomach tuck is often faster.

Where's the stomach tuck?

Tummy's abdominal procedures are usually performed in hospitals or outpatients. Although some surgeons do so in office-based complete surgeons if they have the resources.

Does the surgeon use anesthetic?

Yes surgeons who will use anesthetics in most cases will become general anesthetists in some cases they will use local anesthetics or a combination of both.

How long has the surgery lasted?

The tummy's stomach procedure can take between two and five hours depending on the individual case and the patient's needs and if any complications arise during surgery. Most procedures are completed within two to five hours.


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