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The 5 Best Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

1. Needless Training. After 5 busy days sitting on my back in meetings and seminars I still managed to work out 4 of my 5 days in Florida. That's more than my training at home!

The first day I got together with some coaches and we practiced together at the hotel gym. It's not too big but it's enough to get great training using our weight and some dumbbells.

Then the next day together we headed to the local Powerhouse gym for a great workout in a better gym setting.

Here is hotel room weight training, hotel gym training or Powerhouse gym training, just Make sure you exercise while traveling to balance all the seats on the airplane and in meetings.

2. Everything You Can Eat. The great thing about traveling to a new city is discovering new places to eat. But if you're not careful you can pay for extra heavy airlines on the way home, and I'm not talking about your luggage ...

So do what all the right coaches do every morning to start their day off right; eat nutritious breakfast. Although our hotel provides a FREE buffet breakfast every morning, most people in great condition miss the bacon and bread and have a very fresh omelet stuffed with vegetables with a little fruit next to me, including myself. Make sure you have a small lunch with a salad or a pack of cereals so you don't get drowsy during the afternoon meeting, and enjoy a nice dinner with some lean meat and vegetables as well as a glass of wine.

3. Drink. I didn't mean to spend your night at a hotel bar that was running low. I mean drink lots of refreshing cold water. It will keep you full and focused and your mind off the donuts and croissants sitting at the conference table.

It is very easy to drink a lot of H2O during this hotel conference as they usually serve you drinks in your meeting room and in large conference rooms. Just to make sure you always have water in hand, take a few liters of spring water at the hotel gift shop and keep the ice in your room.

4. Ditch the Cab. If you're there to see the scenery or go to a nearby restaurant for dinner, ditch the taxi, get some directions and walk there. Google Maps on your smartphone works great for this! Walking is a great way to see new cities and burn some calories. Going back to the hotel after dinner is a great way to end the evening and ease the guilt of the decadent dessert.

You can also try to find a park or gym center a few miles away and walk or run there to knock your heart out and warm you out of the way.

5. Charge again. If you are traveling solo, staying in a hotel is a great way to get extra rest and relaxation. You get a bed for yourself, and you don't have to worry about the kids jumping on the bed in the morning.

It's also a good time to catch up on a job or read a book you've been through. Swimming in the hotel pool and hot sauna afterwards may be just what you need to recharge your battery before returning to the road.

So there you have it, The 5 Best Ways To Survive So Travels your wife still recognizes you when you get home.


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