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Hidden Stimulating Foods in Your Diet: Tyramine Reactions

Have you ever had annoying insomnia even when you were really tired, or had anxiety overall when nothing was affecting you? Even after you cut out coffee, quit smoking and reduce sugar and alcohol, these symptoms persist. You may not be aware of the fact that there are certain foods you may eat that contain light stimulants called Tyramine and when you consume more of these foods, you may experience insomnia, rapid heartbeat (palpitations), increased blood pressure and mild pain. migraine head. This is all due to a hidden ingredient called Tyramine, which is found in a wide variety of foods that you can eat daily.

Food affects your mood and if you have sensations of anxiety and brain fog, it's important to know the stimulating ingredients that are hidden in your daily diet.

Everyone is aware of the reactions created by caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Someone knows to avoid these foods if they have anxiety because they only aggravate the symptoms. Few people are aware of the fact that other hidden stimulants (Tyramine), which are found in many foods, can be consumed daily. Knowledge is power and by knowing the food that contains this substance, you allow yourself to choose to recognize it and avoid it.

This food contains Tyramine, a mild stimulant, important to recognize. I amIf you eat enough of these foods, you may experience:

- Insomnia,

- Increased blood pressure

- increased heart rate (palpitations)

- headache / migraine

- Other sensations of the body related to stimulation

These foods release adrenaline into your system and are easily recognizable when you understand that they are under the heading of food aged, orange, accomplished or smoking.

Examples of these foods are as follows:

Hard cheese- Switzerland, Cheddar, Asiago, Roman. Exceptions are cream cheese, cottage cheese, peasant cheese and ricotta.

Aged, Meat and Marinated Meats- Lunch, hot bacon, grilled ham, smoked meat and fish, pickled salmon, hard salami, pepperoni, bologna.

Beans and Peas- All beans, peas, peas, Italian beans.

Citrus vegetables- Sauerkraut, pickles, olives, artichokes

Item- Sauce, Tofu, Miso, Tempeh

Feeling- Yeast, meat remedy, boullion cube, dry soup mix, dried gravy mixture.

Yeast- In bees bread but fine in yeast bread.

Drinks- All alcoholic beverages, especially Chianti and Vermouth. A small amount of beer. High red wine.

Too much fruit and too dry, especially bananas too much. figs, raisins



It is best to avoid this high volume of foods. You may not experience lower volume reactions but if you have headaches, migraines, rapid heartbeats (fluttering), and increased blood pressure, it may be time to check your diet and see if it contains high-fat foods. Here.

By making some simple changes, you will improve the way you feel and actually reduce many of the stressful body reactions.


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