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Face Mapping Guidelines to Treat Spots and Problem Skin

According to many Chinese reflexologists and practitioners, the spots and acne on your face present an internal health problem. Understanding what causes spots and fractions, is the key to finding the most effective solution.

The human body is a wonderful and complex miracle. Every single cell or atom of a body is made up of, has a specific function for which it is calculated. When something doesn't work right, your body tells you what's wrong, you just need to know how to understand the language.

When a virus enters your system, you feel sick. When you are in the sun for too long, the spots appear on your nose. So why are spots and acne so different and only appear randomly? How's that? It's your body telling you something's wrong.

In order to treat your skin problems, you need to fix the internal problems first. Not all acne is caused by health problems, sometimes it can be caused by clogged pores caused by makeup or other factors, so you also need a good face cleanser to cleanse the skin from these impurities.

The following solutions are guidelines for treating internal problems, based on the location of the spots and acne;

Eat less sweet food
Go to bed early and get enough sleep
Drink at least 2 liters of water daily
Exercise at least 20 minutes daily
Find relaxation methods such as meditation, to reduce your tension

Eat less fatty foods and snacks
Include more cucumbers in your diet

Avoid smoking and alcohol
Eat less butter and cheese
Stop snacking at night
Exercise is not heavy

Eat less spicy foods, meat and salt
Go outside for 10 minutes and do some stretching
Include more Vitamin B in your diet

Left cheek:
Get into the daily routine
Change your mood through a positive mindset
Eat more beans
Don't eat too much
Avoid working late at night, just get up early

Right cheek:
Avoid snacks, mangoes, wine and seafood
Eat less sweet food
Make sure to get enough air
Do more cardio while exercising

Around the mouth:
Include more fiber and fresh fruits in your diet
Eat less oil or spicy foods

Chin and Jaw Area:
Avoid late night snacks
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Get at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep at night
Take omega 3 supplements to help regulate your hormones

The best advice for better skin, is to focus more on your lifestyle. When you live a happy, healthy lifestyle with enough exercise to relieve stress, you will find that you have better overall health and healthier skin!


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