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Do Roasted Peanuts Cause Acne?

Many people wonder why the active cause of acne in individuals actually results from and some people even associate it with baked beans. In fact acne, acne and acne can be caused by a variety of reasons. Your diet is actually just a small part of acne that causes problems. Other factors include exercise, cosmetics, diet, hormones, hygiene, medication, shaving and stress. For the subject of this article I will stick with the nutrition section and how it can affect your acne or acne.

Studies show that diet does not play a role in either the cause or treatment of acne. However, what is recommended for acne prevention treatment is a healthy diet along with a vitamin regimen that should prevent any kind of zit or black outbreaks. Here is a small list of healthy vitamins, minerals and supplements that have been known and recommended to prevent and help overcome acne:

Vitamin A,

Vitamin B complex,

Vitamin C,

Vitamin E,

L-Carnitine and


In terms of diet the following steps can be taken in the hope of preventing acne outbreaks or at least minimizing outbreaks of zits and acne. It suggests you add more fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts to your regular diet. This can be achieved by eating more salads, dried fruits and peanut snacks and by drinking more juice.

It is recommended that you reduce your daily intake of caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates. There are several clinical studies that show that caffeine can increase the levels of stress hormones in your body, stimulate or worsen acne. This means you should reduce your consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate and other caffeine-containing drinks. The same advice applies to sugars and refined carbohydrates. For example, white bread, rice, flour, and pasta can lead to an increase in insulin, causing more male hormones that stimulate the skin to produce more sebum, which in turn leads to clogged pores that allow bacteria to grow and acne.

Lastly, it is recommended that you reduce your consumption of meat and dairy foods. Because both are harder for our bodies to digest, and some researchers say that when the body puts more effort into digestion of high protein, the waste products are not fully processed as usual, instead they can spill slowly, pores, causing acne.

Hopefully these few diet tips will help in your quest to stop the appearance of acne, acne and acne. And remember it's never been proven that roasted beans cause acne.


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