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Benefits Of A Green Tea Extract Supplement

Green tea extract has proven to be one of the most popular supplements in the world and offers many well-regarded and respected health benefits. In additional form it is loaded with antioxidants which have been proven to be of benefit. It is a dietary supplement that everyone needs to find ways to contribute to their general health and well-being. Green tea is different from black tea as it is made from unreacted tea leaves, making it the least processed tea.

Green tea comes from Asia where it has been used for thousands of years to reduce depression and many diseases related to body and mind. Green tea extract is a recent discovery. It contains green tea leaf extract, camellia sinensis, which is high in antioxidants that cleans and detoxifies the body. As a health-related dietary supplement, it is known for its many benefits.

It contains two powerful antioxidants called polyphoenols (catechins) and flavonous, which have been subjected to numerous scientific studies. These antioxidants fight free radicals and allow extracts from green tea to cause less pressure on the joints. Its antioxidants purify toxins and contain natural laxatives that help maintain regularity. Antioxidants also reduce LDL cholesterol and the chance of developing blood clots, which makes them important for heart health.

It has been shown to provide natural energy, provide healthy immune and metabolism, help lose weight, control cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It has also been shown to be active in preventing the growth of cancer cells. It is a powerful support for many health conditions and is considered very safe and effective.

Among its many benefits include helping prevent inflammation, which can protect joints against osteoarthritis, and it will also keep healthy skin cells, which slow down the signs of aging. It has been found that suppressing appetite naturally increases metabolic rate, which is necessary to lose weight.

The benefits of taking green tea extract as a supplement have proven to be greater than when taken as a liquid. Taking a green tea extract capsule can provide all the benefits associated with this powerful supplement. This excellent herbal supplement provides many health benefits and removes toxins as it cleanses harmful poisons. Always check with your healthcare provider before adding a new supplement to your diet.


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