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Weight Loss Drugs - Avoid at All Cost?

Why do pharmaceutical companies keep coming out with new weight loss drugs? The answer is simple. They want to make more money.

The research they did was supposed to be a response to the so-called obesity epidemic. However, everyone knows that there are simple solutions to successfully maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life. It's just that no one wants to hear it.

I won't tell you that you eat too much. You probably didn't eat enough. You may not eat the right foods or drink the right drinks. Your body may be clogged with toxins and parasites, as a result. You may also have several different nutritional deficiencies. Just because you are fat does not mean that your body is healthy. The opposite is true.

There are many natural supplements that can help, but you don't hear much about them. Why not? Pharmaceutical companies have no interest in them, as they cannot patent them. If they produce unique weight loss drugs, even though they are naturally synthetic natural ingredients, they can patent them.

To help you understand what supplements are right for you, let's look at what "causes" obesity. Most people just look at eating too much as a cause, but, like many nutritionists, I believe that's the wrong way to look.

First of all, our food is not necessarily nutritious at all, for many reasons and it may be one of the main causes of obesity. Cooking any fruit or vegetable, in addition to tomatoes, reduces its nutritional value.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not necessarily nutritious, as agricultural practices are common. The same land reuse continues to grow the same crop, year after year, reducing the natural mineral content. If there are fewer minerals in the soil, there is less nutritional value in the plants that grow from the soil.

Weight loss drugs cannot help you increase your nutrient intake. Good daily dietary supplements can. You should find one that has amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. Make sure they are a natural form of nutrients, not synthetics.

Excellent daily nutritional supplements will improve your energy levels, your mood, and your well-being, as well as your hair, skin and nails. Weight loss narcotics often cause anxiety, acne, insomnia and anxiety.

A very low calorie diet will negatively affect your mood, energy levels and your well-being. If you continue with a very low calorie diet, as a long-term approach to controlling your weight, it will show. Your hair will drown. Your skin will become weak and your nails weak.

There is no way to fully cover the subject in this long article, but I hope that weight loss is not the answer.


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