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Radionic Treatments Cure Cancer

Dual Dimensions work together.

We live in a world where Micro Systems and Systems work together to ensure stability and thus enable evolution. The Macro Circulation System, Muscle and others, maintain Homeostatic Stability where adaptation takes place slowly. Meanwhile, the Cell Micro and Biochemical Systems are dynamic and changeable with milliseconds. Macro aspects are designed to maintain a relatively stable environment and function. Micro systems are where biochemical minute interactions allow drastic adjustments to occur in smaller systems. It is also where a little experimental biochemical combinations give 'trial'. to see how they fit with the rest of the body's biochemistry. This is how evolution has prepared us for change, this is one of the roles of Cancer cells.

Evolution of Cancer.

Cancer cells are an important part of normal body function. Cancer cells are made and distributed throughout the body on a daily basis. They travel until they are identified by a healthy and destructive immune system. When the body becomes overloaded with toxins, poisons, rubbish, and undigested food, it cannot function efficiently to find and remove Cancer Cells. The true story of how important these special cells are to us has never been explained and the true picture of health has disappeared in general.

Cancer is a misunderstanding.

In general, when we have a healthy body, it's no surprise that there is no talk of Cancer. However, in our modern lifestyle, we have reached a high level; bad food, toxic air, chemical foods and don't know how to change it. Cancer growth is a direct indication of an incomplete body. However, instead of focusing on getting a healthy body, we turn to Toxic Chemotherapy, and put more strain on our immune system. Our culture has reached a point where there is so much information and uncertainty about Cancer. Have we lost our way?

Methods used previously.

When I was younger, I would hear about people getting rid of Cancer Growth through; diet, clean water, fasting, herbs, vitamins and even stress. All of these things, and many other alternatives actually work. They worked long ago because people copied nature when they were sick. There is a lot of understanding about PREVENTION. Cancer growth tells us that our body is TOOIC TOOIC and that we need to clean and 'tune' it. our body system. That's easy! The choices we use to cleanse our bodies are personal.

Radionic Treatment is doing the Natures Way.

Working with Nature is still the best! Using Radionic, the Potensied Energy Formula is directed through the Spleen Center. At first, to see what 'stimulus' accepted by the client, a higher standard dose is given for the first few days of treatment. Excessive doses will affect the Throat Chakra and give the Customer a persistent cough. Once this initial test is complete, the dose rate will decrease and the cough will decrease rapidly within twenty hours. Regular monitoring through blood tests will then indicate that the 'Intuitive Body System & # 39; will automatically 'know'; what to do and the right order to do it, so that full health can be restored. The reaction time for recovery depends on; age, past lifestyle, disease location, current lifestyle, smoking and drinking habits and changes Customers are ready to make diets, detoxifications and exercise.


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