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Overcoming Cancer: Even If You Can't Cure Cancer, You Can Learn To Live With It

Can't Cure Your Cancer? Maybe Not - But You Can Learn To Overcome It!

Cancer is a dangerous disease that can spread to anyone. There must be some form of cancer that has something to do with your behavior. Non-smoking will reduce your chances of getting lung cancer. But a smoker can still get Lung Cancer. Regular sun damage without any form of protection will increase your chances of getting skin cancer. But someone who is rarely exposed to the sun can still develop a case of Skin Cancer .... Why?

How can a child be attacked with Leukemia, while parents who have smoked, drank heavily and consumed a highly questionable diet can live with the health of more than 100 ... Why?


Billions of dollars in scientific and medical research have increased our understanding of various types of cancer. We have bucket statistics that tell us what percentage of a disease is possible - or survive if you fall victim to it. But these are just statistics. When dealing with individuals they are almost useless.

No one knows if you will have cancer or not.

No one knows what type it is if you have cancer.

No one knows whether or not you will survive in the short term, long term or fully recovered.

There are many examples of people being told that they are very ill and will only last a month or two. However, they have lived for years - sometimes without any trace of cancer.

We have to face the fact that we don't know.

Of course, we can make some statistics-based decisions - which tell us what happened in the past. Certain forms of cancer have been found to respond well to modern medical treatments of chemotherapy, radiology and various drug cocktails. In other cases, natural or holistic treatment has proven effective. In all cases, the past results were accurate - results obtained for other patients, in different situations, in the past. They may or may not have the same effect on you - for good or for bad. Doctors don't know either - without their own mistakes. They can only guess based on the evidence they have before - which will always be biased toward the kind of experience and treatment they know.

However, you should not let this discourage you. You are not destined for the irreversible curse that is upon you. You are an individual faced with unique circumstances. Listen to the experts - but it's your life, and you're responsible for it. Make your own decision about which course of treatment to take. Above all things remain positive - even if you have to force yourself. After all - many people in the past have overcome cancer.

There are many studies that show that a positive attitude and mind can work wonders for anyone with any disease - especially cancer. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and natural balanced nutrition - this can lead to excellent prognosis.

If you sit around, expect to die every minute - then that's just the case and in any case you'll waste a lot of precious time getting miserable.

If you can stay positive, take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally - then you may live longer, and if not, at least you'll enjoy the time you have left.


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