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How to Beat Cancer the Natural Way

For over 50 years now, the world has been living in the agony of the deadly giant, Cancer. Every day, more than 20,000 people die from cancer and with such statistics, it's really good for people who are scared. However, there is one spicy remedy that has proven to counteract fear effectively: knowledge. Doctors and scientists believe that if a cancer victim can overcome the illness in their mind, then they can overcome it from their body. Health magazines, television shows and online blogs dedicated to spreading awareness about the possibility of a cancer attack have been established, and soon, this effort will be paid off.

However, orthodox methods for fighting cancer continue to grow, despite billions of dollars being poured into research. Chemotherapy seems to be at the top, perhaps, of the current breakthrough but the world is very protective of the value of either chemotherapy, in particular the healing of cancer or the risky temporary treatment procedure. There must be some patients who have been declared cancer-free after undergoing chemotherapy. But a good percentage of the population has also been reported to be ill after several years of being cancer-free. In addition, the side effects of the procedure have been proven to be quite deadly to some victims, with severe cases of death being recorded.

So is there a cancer drug out there that works, without harming the body? Well, guys like Howard Hoxey, Dr. Max Gerson, and Dr. Johanna Budwig has developed a therapeutic formula that they believe can provide the body with the right metabolic needs and effectively slows down cancer. And just to be clear, this is not a campaign or a claim that this is a definite action to cure cancer. I simply state that I strongly believe that this natural physiotherapy can go a long way in suppressing cancer cells, either alone or in combination with other conventional methods. Here is a comprehensive approach to treating cancer.

Nutrition treatment

You are what you eat. The right diet is the backbone of any successful therapy, whether it is or not. Scientists believe that certain nutrients such as sugar feeds favor the growth and multiplication of cancer cells and that by avoiding such foods, tumor growth can be slowed. Other nutrients to be eliminated include processed foods, coffee, alcohol, fluoride and soft drinks. Knowing what to eat is important for cancer patients. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in vitamins are great for body repair and cleansing. So, including foods like broccoli, cabbage, berries, grapes, ginger, garlic, green tea, turmeric and leafy vegetables in your diet will give you the benefits of providing the necessary nutritional protection.

Cancer patients should be prepared to embrace a raw diet, at least until their bodies are stable. Maintaining their fat intake at least is important. If possible, the use of natural oils like coconut oil is highly recommended. Avocados and nuts can be a good compromise to provide essential fatty acids in the body needed for oxygenation of cells. Above all, digestion cannot be complicated. Cancer cells are already growing enough and eating heavy foods like sugar, gluten, animal protein and plenty of fat will only make the process worse, and may accelerate tumor growth. Choosing a natural supplement that neutralizes the body's acidity and provides a good supply of systemic enzymes and digestion is therefore essential to assist in the cancer healing process.

Immune building and Homeopathy

The body naturally relies on its own immunity provided by white blood cells, and I believe this is the original plan for genetic disorders. Since cancer cells are highly mutated in the body, it is possible for the body, based on its innate immune intelligence, to defend itself from this multiplication before it becomes uncontrollable. A special group of white blood cells that aim to attack and destroy abnormal cells through the lymphatic system. The key now lies in the energy specific to these cells. Supplements like Aloe Vera and mushroom extracts are appropriate in this case.

Again, in homeopathy, the body's natural healing power is believed to be activated. Here, small doses of recovery material are given to the patient to enhance immunity. Although research on homeopathy is still fragmented, it is possible that it may prove inactive in the near future.


The accumulation of metabolic waste in the body speeds up tumor multiplication. For effective cancer healing, it is important to get rid of waste and toxins accumulated from the body. Many resources offering bodybuilding knowledge are available online and in books. Body cleansing reduces the burden on the liver and kidneys, stimulating the immune system to fight cancer cells completely. To speed up the detoxification process, there are additional lifestyle practices that can be adopted at home as an addendum. Regular exercise and stretching ensure that the white blood cells in the body remain active all the time. Take a regular bath and get your feet wet in the sauna each time and then make sure your skin is clear to allow sweating through the sweat. Fasting rejuvenates the body and foods such as coffee enema and castor oil prevent the absorption of toxins.

Raw chemotherapy

Artificial chemotherapy to cure cancer, though possible, can cause secondary effects such as hair loss and weakness. What most people don't know is that there is a risk-free chemotherapy that effectively prevents violence in the body. Natural foods such as apricot seeds and apple pits contain Amygdalin that actively targets and destroys tumors. Other supplements like shark cartilage and liver oil cut blood supply to cancer cells. Of course, these treatments are not completely independent and are often used as part of comprehensive cancer therapy.

All in all, embracing a healthier lifestyle is the most important part of this natural therapeutic process. Taking a deep sleep naturally allows the body to rebuild and purify itself from the carcinogens that build your body while you're awake. Exercising regularly and sunbathing for vitamin D is part of the fitness regime you want to dream about. Slowly, your body rebuilds immunity and fights cancer cells, one step at a time.


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