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Breast Cancer - Can Garlic Cure It?

Mistakes - For the past 15 years or so, animal and cell culture studies (a complex process in which cells are grown under controlled conditions) have shown that garlic either helps reduce tumor growth rates, or at least helps destroy their cells. However, over the same period, a large amount of conflicting information has also been released, making it difficult to understand whether garlic actually helps fight cancer.

Fact - With powerful antibiotics and anti-fungal agents that are effective against fungal infections, bacterial infections, and the formation of carcinogens (any substance directly involved in causing cancer (usually inhaled through pollution, household cleaners, or consumed when processed meat wash) , etc.)) in the body - Garlic definitely has the ability to help.

Research - A French case-control study conducted about 15 years ago, and published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, concluded that with increasing garlic intake, a statistically significant reduction in breast cancer was found; However, contrary to that study, a more recent study was published and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2006), voicing contradictory information.

Doubt - After analyzing nutrition data from several European case control studies, the American Journal of Nutrition Clinical found that even high consumption of garlic could be associated with lower risk of certain cancers (stomach cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer). there is no real evidence to support any reduction in breast cancer risk.

Reasoning - In conclusion, because breast cancer is associated with hormone and reproductive factors and does not release radical damage (cell-damaging particles) with most other cancers, the effect of garlic is actually not productive of any major or significant change in breast cancer reduction when used for treatment .

Continuing Studies - However, another study conducted in Osaka, Japan, found that diallyl disulfide oil-soluble organosulfur compounds produced during decomposition allicin (an active garlic compound) actually provides protection against hormone-dependent breast cancer and hormones. However, for allicin to form, garlic cloves need to be crushed, sliced, or chopped first.

Conclusion - While the results of the study (past and present) have not been resolved for many years to the extent that help (if any) garlic can offer cancer treatment, and in particular breast cancer treatment, they do seem to indicate that garlic does not offer much protection for those who use it. . Even considering this contradictory evidence, including garlic in any breast cancer diet will definitely benefit the person involved.


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