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Are your Beliefs Preventing Weight Loss - Discover How Your Thoughts Affect Your Waistline

I know I've said it a million times, "you are what you eat", the type of fuel (food) you put into your body determines what you get from your body. Eat crap and you will feel tired, depressed, sad, inactive, angry, and the list goes on and on.

But eat healthy, healthy foods and you will feel energetic, energetic, motivated, positive, happy, fulfilled and this list goes on and on. Eating well not only produces smaller waistlines but actually changes your life. And that's just one option!

So what's stopping you? Why do you opt for the Snickers bar instead of the delicious fresh strawberries (or whatever your favorite fruit or vegetable) you eat for lunch? Maybe, maybe this is your mind.

Just as you depend on food for fuel to get you through the day, you depend on your thinking and thinking processes as much. And many of your ideas come from the underlying belief that you are somewhere stored in a mass called the brain - perhaps even in the subconscious.

Not often, this belief affects whether you succeed with the goal of losing fat or the goal in general. And this trust determines the choices you make every day.

To find out if your thoughts are blocking your fat loss, you need to start listening to "talk about yourself". What's the point? These are all small comments you make in your head, under your breath, in response to comments or mistakes.

You know who you are - you make a simple mistake and you immediately think or belittle "How can I be so stupid?", All those little negative statements you make to yourself all day.

How does self-talk affect your fat loss?

All of these little negative comments stem from a basic belief in yourself. Maybe you feel you need to be perfect, maybe you have an underlying guilt and feel like you shouldn't have a successful fat loss, maybe you don't take the time to love and appreciate who you are and how happy you are. I can't list all the beliefs you may have in yourself - but I can tell you that to succeed in losing your fat and your life, you need to identify them.

These basic beliefs can undermine your fat loss efforts - they will actually cause you to sabotage your efforts by directing your choices - which is why you choose a snack bar or chips instead of fresh fruit or vegetables you bring. There may be several reasons why you may not have time for lunch.

Every time you make a decision that goes against your fat loss, you ask yourself "why am I doing that?" - You now know why!

How do you identify your beliefs?

You start by asking why? Why did I say that? Why do I think so? Why am I just eating? Why not? Why not? Why not? Until you find the answer. I need to warn you that it's not always easy.

But once you identify the underlying belief you have to overcome where it came from and then create a new one - positive belief. This simple awareness is often enough to turn negative thoughts and comments about yourself into a positive one and then the choices you make will begin to fall in line with your goals. You will start preparing your food, you will skip skipping breakfast, and the temptation for unhealthy junk food will disappear!

And this is because you no longer rely on instant gratification in refined sugars and easy carbohydrates to make you feel good. You no longer need to stress - the body is still craving it because it is a biochemical reaction (read Do Estrogen Really Make Your Belly Fat to learn more), but your mind will be so strong and centered that you can choose to walk away from that pressure instead of eating.

The satisfaction of transforming your body and life into what you have always wanted will be the driving factor behind your better choices, rather than the unreasonable trust you keep from who knows when.

Don't trust me? Give it a try!

1. Start listening to your own discussion - about the amount of negative versus positive statements about yourself.

2. Through the "why" process until you get the answer.

3. Have a personal talk and focus on the positive rather than the negative.

4. The rest will only take care of itself - guaranteed!

Now the hard part is to maintain this view and not return to your old mindset. Just like rebuilding your lost muscle tone, you just need to be consistent until you start to reap the rewards.

If you find yourself returning to your old mindset, don't beat yourself up, just go back to this article and start over, just like healthy eating and incorporating exercise.

Go for it - stop making excuses and make your fat loss a reality !!


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