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An Alternative Holistic Approach to Heal Cancer

Cancer is a scary word. I have had relatives who passed away from various cancers, and it was a diagnosis that often struck fear into the hearts and souls of those who received it. However, of course, not everyone who is diagnosed with cancer dies, and is often treated early. Also, many people have successfully treated their cancer holistically, using alternative medical practices. Some of these alternative practices have long been in Ricardo Serrano's latest book, Cure & Cancer Causes .

I'm not saying that if you have cancer, you should revive Western medicine and ignore what your doctor tells you, and I don't think the author says that, either. However, because many people have varying degrees of success due to the holistic approach to fighting cancer that the author provides, I think that there is no harm in giving this approach a chance, along with following whatever advice your doctor gives you.

Serrano has stated, among other things, that chemotherapy destroys healthy cells as well as cancer cells. This can leave someone more prone to illness, and pneumonia, which can be life-threatening. Instead of using chemotherapy, Serrano states: "Effective cancer control may lie, with transition therapy 'to glycolysis, rather than by tumor therapy, which may prevent developments such as drug resistance and major drug toxicity."

While Serrano mentioned other holistic practices that can help fight cancer, such as the style or practice of qigong known as Pan Gu Shen Gong, he recommended that people diagnosed with cancer should "use hydrazine sulfate as soon as possible." Doing so prevents cancer cells from using the glucose in your cells to grow.

The use of hydrazine sulfate and the reasons why it is a potentially useful alternative to chemotherapy have been detailed in Serrano's book. Other treatments she mentions to help prevent you from getting cancer and useful ones to help those with cancer in their recovery include: "Alkaline alkaline water, Cessiac Yuccalive herbal formula, Reishi mushrooms, and the Budwig diet." Serrano went into Budwig's diet in one of his earlier books, but in this book, he goes on to tell how diet can help prevent cancer.

1931 was an important year in cancer research. As the author wrote, "Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that cancer cells use a process known as glycolysis as their primary source of energy." Glycolysis, Warburg found, "acts in a twofold way in cancer: as a source of energy for tumors," and "as a pacemaker for cachexia-weight loss and body count associated with more than two-thirds of cancer deaths."

All this medical jargon may seem strange to some who associate the idea of ​​"holistic healing practices," with New Age mysticism and mumbo-jumbo. Personally, I find that what Ricardo Serrano has written in previous books, which I reviewed here, is very helpful. Knowledge of ancient peoples and cultures around the world, from qigong practices to yoga to meditation, acupuncture, etc., has been a test of time. They are all very important and can help in a person's well-being and in the healing of various disorders.

In Cure & Cancer Causes , Serrano has shown that he has done his research not only on the holistic practices and wisdom of the ancients in dealing with cancer, but also on the Western approach. I saw the effects of chemotherapy on my own father. Who knows if this book was available when he was down with lung cancer, whether it might help extend life — like I didn't know. However, the theory behind the cancerous cells in glucose that they need to reproduce and reproduce using hydrazine sulfate, I believe, has its definite merit. If readers combine that with the other treatments Serrano mentions, they may just find the result far beyond what they could have achieved with chemotherapy. If you are interested in reading a very interesting book on the causes and cure for cancer, I highly recommend you check it out Cure & Cancer Causes by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.


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