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A Liver Cancer Cure and Diet

In one of the most important books ever written on the relationship between diet and disease, researchers have found that cancer is most common among those who eat mostly animal-based foods - especially meat and dairy. Scientists discovered this by accident while working with malnourished children in the Philippines.

She is trying to find out why so many Filipino children are diagnosed with liver cancer. He said the main goal of the nutrition project he is working on is to make sure the kids get the most protein possible. (The source of protein is mainly meat). The assumption, however, is that animal-based proteins should be good for children. What he found, on the contrary.

It seems that children who adopt the highest amount of animal-based protein in their diet are most likely to get liver cancer. Researchers then began collecting reports from around the world to find out if there were any similarities. That led to her continuing to study nutrition and her relationship to illness.

In what has been a 20-year study ... the result of a partnership between Oxford and Cornell universities and the Chinese Academy of Control Prevention ... the breakthrough research has proven more than 8000 associations between diet and disease - especially cancer.

The conclusion is that individuals who use the most "animal-based" diet get the most chronic illnesses. But those who eat more "plant-based" diets tend to avoid chronic diseases.

While other factors may be involved, the most common denominator of various forms of cancer is food. When individuals migrate to the West from a part of the world where cancer is rare, and then adjust to Western eating habits, they begin to develop cancer at the same rate as other Westerners.

Studies comparing ongoing animal-based diets have shown that there is more link between diet and cancer than most people have ever known.


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