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What is the treatment of abdominal obesity in liver patients?

What is the treatment of abdominal fats in liver patients?

A reader asks: What is the treatment of abdominal ghee in liver patients?
This question is answered by Dr. Hisham Khayat, professor of liver and digestive system, saying: Increasing upper obesity, especially abdominal obesity, and so-called obesity of internal organs, abdominal cavity, the dangerous type of obesity, it is more dangerous than buttock obesity, because the fat cells in the abdomen are more active It is insulin resistant and has direct input on the liver and abdominal organs.

Abdominal obesity plays a major direct role in the resistance of the body and cells to insulin, and the way in which abdominal obesity is measured is done by measuring the waist circumference, or the middle, if it exceeds 88 cm in women or 102 cm in men the human being is more likely to problems of obesity and insulin and hepatic fat. Especially inflamed.

Obesity, especially in the abdominal area, results from not exercising, eating fatty foods saturated with fat, so we advise overweight people to exercise non-violent walking at least half an hour a day, stay away from unbalanced meals, and not to eat meals in front of the tv so as not to be vulnerable To eat in large quantities, especially as obesity leads to many complications, both in the digestive system such as hepatic fat, in addition to pressure and sugar type II, rough joints, pinching and depression, and lack of self confidence, and come to the second most common cause of liver fat, which is diabetes from Type II, recent studies confirm that type 2 diabetes is preceded by many years of resistance of the body's cells to insulin, especially muscle cells, fat cells and liver cells.

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