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What are the specifications of successful diet?

 What are the specifications of successful diet?

Azza Mahmoud Abdul Wahab says, I suffer from excess weight, and I did more than one diet, and Sometimes I succeed and fail in other times, are there grounds to follow with any system?

This question is answered by Dr. Mohamed Salah Ali, professor of internal medicine and digestive system at al-Azhar University School of Medicine, saying that there are many rules that must be observed with most dieting systems to ensure the desired result, which is:

- Replace corn oil and olives in eating
Replacement of medicinal sugar substitutes containing aspertam in sweetener
- Eating too much fiber-rich substances such as apples, carrots, peeled grains, artichokes and salad.
- Eat fatty meat and fish
- Eat a large salad at the beginning of the daily lunch
- Reduce the intake of starches such as pasta and rice
- Eat fresh fruit at least 3 hours after eating
- Divide one-day meals into four meals and avoid eating deliciously at once
- Eat cucumbers, watercress and tomatoes between meals, which helps to fill the stomach and feel full, as well as eating plenty of water.

- Consider not eating while watching TV or driving, where at those times you eat large amounts of food without thinking.

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