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What are the causes of sagging or abdominal deformities?

Soheir Abdel Ghani says, i am 34 years old, and I suffer from sagging in the abdomen, what are the reasons for the presence of these deformities?

Dr. Ahmed Adel Noureddine, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University and Secretary General of the International Society of Plastic Surgery on the Continent of Africa, answers this question: "In the case of sagging or abdominal deformities, there are two possibilities:

First: The presence of fatty pools without sagging in the skin, in which case we recommend following a diet, exercising as a first step, and if there is no result after two months can be given fat-dissolved injections " after the end of the lactation period," and often given a result if given by an experienced doctor, Use the right type of it, but if the fat is large, it may be the right suction to get rid of it, as long as the skin is in good condition, which is determined by the specialist plastic surgeon.

The second possibility is that it is most common, especially after the recurrent birth, the presence of sagging in the skin with the accumulation of skin fat, in which case the best solution is to perform abdominal suction.

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