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Obesity leads to liver failure

 Obesity leads to liver failure

A number of scientists have discovered that obesity leads to liver failure, after a 5-year study on a number of patients with cirrhosis in Europe and America.

Dr. Mohammed Obeid, consultant of the digestive system, liver and obesity at the Faculty of Ophthalmology, said that this study revealed two important things first that 17% of the patients of cirrhosis and who were conducted the study was caused by the cause of their fibrosis is obesity,
The second is that a large number of cirrhosis patients from the study sample deteriorated and developed liver failure in less than five years also due to obesity.

He added that it is known that a patient with cirrhosis can live for more than 15 years without liver failure and good health.

He pointed out that the deterioration of the condition and its arrival to the stage of liver failure that it needs to implant a new liver, so scientists after this study advise the importance of losing weight not only for those suffering from cirrhosis, but for all to avoid liver cirrhosis.

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