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Obesity causes attention deficit in children

Obesity causes attention deficit in children

The latest studies, carried out by a research team at the Institute of Graduate Studies of Children at Ain Shams University, and applied to a sample of Egyptian children, revealed that obesity causes hyperactivity and attention deficit in young people.

The results of the study, prepared by a group of pediatric professors at the Children's Institute headed by Dr. Ghada Al-Drei, Dean of the Institute, and professor of pediatrics, showed that ADHD is a widespread disease of the age. This made him the focus of wide-ranging global health attention, especially, obesity and its injury continued to contain some international statistical indicators, which indicate a rise in the incidence of this disease, and from the statistics show that between 3 to 5% of school children are infected with this condition, and that males are more infected than females, On the other hand, studies have found that there is a link between the high incidence of obesity and the incidence of ADHD.

The study was applied to 30 people with ADHD representing 26 males and 4 females, and it was found that the proportion of children under the age of 12 is the most in the study and that the majority of cases suffer from hyperactivity mainly, and the cases in question have been studied in outpatient clinics in the center of Dhuy The special needs of the Graduate Institute of Childhood at Ain Shams University, all cases were diagnosed in accordance with the standards of the American Psychiatric Association.

The ages of children and adolescents in question ranged from 6 to 18 years of age, male patients in this study accounted for 87%, while females accounted for 13%, there were approximately 47% of the patients who are obese, and approximately 53% of the non-obese, and 50% of the patients are under treatment. They need to take psychostimulantmedications, antidepressants and tonics.

The results also showed that there is no significant difference in the pathological conditions and controlled cases that are measured in scientific research, in relation to the rate of body mass, and no evidence has been found that there is a relationship between the high incidence of obesity, as well as the disorder hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit.

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