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Is there a safe weight loss?

 Is there a safe weight loss?

Osman Abdel Fattah says, I am a young man aged 32 years and 172 years old and the weight was 5 months ago 123 kilos and now it became 106 kilos and became this way 3 months ago fixed on the same weight 106 kilos, I wish advice to lose weight?

Dr. Osama Hafni, consultant of physiotherapy and obesity treatment, answers, saying dear liquid, first I congratulate you on the achievement you have achieved and the beauty you have made for yourself, the reduction of your weight to 106 has moved you from an excessive degree of obesity to a lesser degree which is severe obesity and this shift has a huge positive impact on Health, in addition to its psychological and socio-positive impact, where your BMI was previously 41.5, it puts you in the fourth degree of the obesity table which is excessive margarine, and your BMI is now 36 which is at the minimum of the third degree of the obesity table, and is about to Say to the second degree, which is fat. This achievement should be thanked for your efforts and the doctor who helped you, and i urge you to continue until you reach the normal weight of less than 75 kg depending on your height.

But from your question it turns out that you lost about 17 kg in five months at a rate of about 3.5 kg per month, which is a very good rate, and agrees with the safe rates of weight loss, but if you say that your weight has remained constant for 3 months if that means you lost 17 kg in two months at a rate of 8.5 kg per month, this is A very high rate and not in agreement with the safe decline of weight, and we do not recommend it at all and may be the reason for your weight stability, the rapid weight loss generates strong resistance in the body (as well as its other negative effects on health in general) and this resistance confuses the normal system of food representation and body method  In burning food and storing fat, dealing with the human body is different from dealing with the machine, the human being is not a machine but a living being with reactions, and the reflex reaction to try ing to lose a large amount of weight quickly has violent and uncalculated effects that may lead to serious health problems.

The constant advice, is not to rush into weight loss that took many years to build, and must adhere to the safe rates of weight loss of 2-4 kg per month, bearing in mind that the first month of the work of Regem for the first time may see a decline greater than this rate and this is normal, but here we are talking about The average year, not the first week in which weight is usually significantly reduced.

Now to break this resistance you must stop practicing any kind of diet sought, and eat regular and varied food, for one week (taking into account not exaggerating the quantities and distance from the fried and high-sugar foods) and then you should follow a diet based on Few calories (about 1500 calories a day at least) for six days then take a day off and then re-follow another program of the same quality.

Model for this:

When you get out of bed
Drink a large glass of warm water

Half an hour later.

Eat a quarter of a loaf of brown with 6 tablespoons of crunchy cheese or a small piece of plain white cheese with tomato fruit and cucumber fruit, with a glass of milk free or low fat (tea or coffee can be placed on it as desired, but do not use sugar, sugar substitutes can be used).

Two hours or two hours before lunch.

Apple or 2 peaches

Half an hour before lunch, drink a large glass of warm water.

1/4 chicken, 75 g meat, 150 g fish, or a can of tuna without oil, or 2 boiled eggs, or a lemon and cumin bean dish and a tablespoon of olive oil, or 100 g sliced cheese with thyme, pond and green pepper, with half a loaf of brown, two brown toast slices, or 6 tablespoons rice or pasta.
With a large plate of sautéed vegetables (it can consist of one or more of the following varieties: green beans, broccoli, zucchini, peas, carrots, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, onion, celery "sly", green lobea, cauliflower, cabbage, artichokes, mushroom), with a large dish green salad.

Two hours after lunch or 2 hours before dinner:

Fruit of any kind.


A tasted disc, a boiled egg, a small piece of white cheese, or 5 tablespoons oilless beans, with a quarter of a loaf of brown, with a cup of low fat yogurt or a cup of skimmed milk.

Before bed drink a large glass of warm water.

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