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Is there a connection between obesity and heel pain?

 Is there a connection between obesity and heel pain?

 I'm 56 years old and I'm suffering from left heel pain, and I wonder if there's a connection between obesity and these pains.

This question is answered by Dr. Abdul Hai Mashhour, professor of orthopedics, saying: Heel pain is particularly prevalent among obese women, as there are a number of factors that may cause their appearance and may increase their severity as well, such as high percentage of polyc acid in the blood or the presence of inflammation arising from a sly cyst under the bones of the heel. There is an increase in body weight and people often believe that the fork in the heel foot causes heel pain and this is an incorrect accusation of the presence of the same bone fork in the feet and not in one foot.

With regard to the treatment, it is famous that in the case of severe pain is recommended for complete rest with the work of hot compresses and when walking it is preferable to put a piece of sponge rubber in the shoe to be based on the heel of the foot and sometimes the treating doctor may have to inject the pain position by reducing weight and reducing the increase of bo acid You are in the blood and give medications to relieve the inflammation of the synovial cyst located below the heel.

There may be pain felt by the patient when wearing shoes and these pains are the result of a sly bag located between the heel and the achilles tendon and appear as a result of the friction of the pain position to the edge of the shoe in which in this case it is recommended to put a piece in the shoe until the heel is based.

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