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How to get rid of excess weight as a result of taking cortisone?

 How to get rid of excess weight as a result of taking cortisone?

Ms. Maha Attia says that before pregnancy I weighed 65 kilos and since the fifth month of pregnancy I had to take doses of cortisone, which led to my weight gain to 115 kilos just before birth, now my child is five months old and i am 100 kilos, how can I get rid of this excess weight knowing that I do not breastfeed the baby?
This question is answered by Dr. Khaled Youssef, a specialist in obesity and thinness, member of the Egyptian Society for Obesity Studies, member of the American Society for the Treatment of Obesity, saying: Cortisone works to store water in the body so the most important advice we address to those who suffer from overweight as a result of taking doses of this drug is Reduce salt intake as much as possible so as not to increase the problem of water storage, so it is recommended not to eat diet uaway meals of all kinds because it contains a very high percentage of sodium as it is recommended to reduce the amounts of red meat as much as possible and replace it with fish and chicken.

It is also preferable to reduce the amount of starches such as rice, white bread, pasta, roasted potatoes and baked goods and replace them with whole grains such as brown bread, nightand oats.

It is recommended to eat two servings daily of vegetable soup consisting of (green parsley, cabbage slices, green pepper, broccoli, zucchini, green beans), and it is preferable to eat more green parsley by chewing it and drinking a cup of boiled it on the empty stomach.

It is also recommended to drink fennel boils, anise, barley and green tea throughout the day.

It is also preferable to replace full-fat milk with skimmed milk.

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