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Does obesity affect heart efficiency?

 Does obesity affect heart efficiency?

Huda Yasser Abdel Rahman asks, does obesity affect heart efficiency?

Dr. Jamal Shaaban, consultant cardiologist at the National Heart Institute, replies:
Many scientific reports have linked the size of the abdomen and its shape to the risk of exposure to heart disease, and some scientists from the University of Texas reported that abdominal measurements are associated with early heart disease symptoms, and this corresponds to the results of previous scientific research that indicated that waist measurements are more important than overall weight including Negatively affects the efficiency of the heart.

The study, which was conducted by nearly 3,000 people, shows that the waist circumference when it reaches 81 centimeters in females and 94 centimeters in males is a danger to its owner, and confirms that increasing the waist circumference by only a few centimeters can cause heart disease even if the weight of the body is generally normal, the professor stressed  James de Lemos, who led the medical team in the study, said that fat stored at the waist is more active than others.

Because it secretes substances that contribute to the calcification of the arteries while it seems that the fat of the buttocks does not cause anything similar at all and the researchers studied the results of analyses and reports of participants in order to compare the extent of their exposure to arterial hardening and narrowness, all of which lead to heart disease, and during the study appeared in the owners of oceans Large skeletal deposits in the arteries of the heart massage the abdominal muscles for cardiac resuscitation.

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