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Can a pregnant woman follow a diet?

Can a pregnant woman follow a diet?

Hanan Mansour says can a pregnant woman follow a diet, and how can she overcome the vomiting and nausea that sometimes prevails?

This question is answered by Dr. Mohammed Salah, professor of internal medicine and digestive system at al-Azhar University School of Medicine, saying, in order to overcome the symptoms of vomiting and nausea, she can follow a diet that includes:
1- Eat two pieces of biscuits or breadcrumbs in the morning and before leaving the bed, and the lady can leave the bed and move after half an hour of eating this snack.
2- It is better to eat (5 or 6) small, light and converging meals throughout the day.

3- Avoid the multiplication of fatty acids.
4- Lie completely on the floor after the meal after which the pregnant woman feels nauseous.

The holder can also follow a diet consisting of avoiding certain foods for five days do not eat certain foods such as fat meat, fish, chicken, butter, cheese and replace these foods with a lot of fresh fruits, or canned vegetables and salad, saltbiscuits, jam and soup And hallucinogens and custard and after several days after this diet can gradually return to the usual food intake, but in the form of multiple small meals, and the pregnant woman should not take any medication to relieve vomiting without consulting a doctor.

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