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Why is body weight not increased?

 Why is body weight not increased?

I am 26 years old and I suffer from severe thinness although I eat a lot of food but I weigh no more and I want to know what is the reason?

This question is answered by Dr. Medhat Khalil, consultant of Gastroenterology, hepatology and therapeutic nutrition at the Faculty of Medicine of Cairo University, saying: lack of weight gain due to a number of reasons including genetic factor or increased activity of the thyroid gland or poor absorption of food, which is the deterioration of the ability of the intestinal lining to absorb Nutrients and vitamins.

We advise the reader to do some tests such as stool analysis, the result of which is presented to a physician specializing in the digestive system, blood glucose analysis and the analysis of thyroid functions.

Dr. Medhat added that you should know the reason for taking appropriate treatment and doing the necessary medical analysis to find out whether the thinness has a satisfactory cause or other reasons.

There are two cases where the weight does not increase even with a multiplication of food the first case is when the rate of fat burning in the body is very high and therefore does not increase its weight and the second case refers to the genetic factor where the nature of the body tends to be thinness
Therefore the body weight is not increased because this is its nature.

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