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Why did I gain weight in Ramadan?

 Why did I gain weight in Ramadan?

A reader says that, despite the passage of most days of Ramadan and the exhaustion i have had because of the many efforts I make, I noticed my weight gain this month, is there a reason for that?

Dr. Tarek Rushdie, consultant of clinical nutrition and intensive care at Cairo University School of Medicine and a member of the Global Fat Removal Network, answers, "Some have transformed Ramadan from fasting to a month of eating and extravagance, even if the basic relationship in this month is "Fast Wake up", where The time from Morocco to dawn has become a time when what we have designed during the day is made up twice as much as normal days.

And we became accustomed to improper dietary methods, and instead of eating two meals we became eating 6 meals indifferent to all our food, sweets and continuous food, in addition to concentrated prices of sweets, although basically fasting politeness of the stomach, who wants to do the work of diet, the month of Ramadan is the best days for the beginning of this matter and It's not the other way around, so some people come out of this month and they're heavier.

And for those who want to keep their weight, they have to deal with this month properly without overeating food of all kinds and not spending time between breakfasts.
And suhoor in filling the stomach with all the food it likes.

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