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What's the cure for back sagging?

 What's the cure for back sagging?

 A reader says I am 29 years old, i weigh 67 and I am 150 years old, and I suffer from sagging in the back, which distorts the shape of my body in clothing, so I hope for advice that benefits me from all sides.

This question is answered by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Latif Abdul Qadir, Professor of Rheumatology and Natural Medicine at Ain Shams College, saying: This patient suffers from fattening and we classify her among the figures who need a weight loss, and the normal weight of this girl must be 55 kilos, i.e. she suffers from 11 kilos of overweight. She's obese in the upper part.

The area above which the fat slackness is the area of the back muscles is a deep area and away from fat, and for any exercises, its effect will be very weak, so it is necessary to follow a diet for underweight in general, as well as have to walk half an hour to help reduce weight.

The patient should also use local slimming methods such as high frequency ultrasound, the second method is thermal frequency, and the third method is cold laser, these methods are used to get rid of deep pockets of fat and get rid of deep fat blocks that bounce back once Other if not disposed of in a good way, And I also commend that liposuction will produce good results in this area, but this does not mean neglecting the diet, it is necessary to organize food with all these attempts.

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